Bee Pollen and Weight Loss

Can Bee Pollen Help Your Weight Loss?

Unfortunately, many people struggle from being overweight or obese.  We are not sure why this is true, but we are assuming it is from poor diet and lack of exercise.  Especially here in the western world, many people tend to be overweight or obese.

Bee pollen can help you lose weight naturally. If you are looking to slim down and lose weight, look no further than such pollen! The pollen is a popular health food item that many people take as the benefits of it are great. But did you know it can help you slim down and lose weight as well?  Not many people realize this! If you want to lose a few extra inches, we here highly recommend looking into this great super food.  Read on to learn more.

For a long time, this super food has been used as a natural energy supplement.  It contains all of the essential nutrients our body needs and it can help to make our health perfect.

The pollen can help to speed up your metabolism naturally, which is why many people recommend it as a weight loss tool. There are a few things you need to remember when using it for losing fat though, which we will explain to you here.  First of all, you need to find quality supplements.

Finding a supplement that meets GMP, or good manufacturing practices, is important. This means that in the United States, the supplement will be registered with the FDA as well. Next step is to make sure you are always taking bee pollen supplements for weight reduction with water.  Water helps to quickly add it to your blood steam.

Next, make sure you are eating healthy and exercising as well.  One of the main reasons why such pollen works well in the world of weight loss is because it contains lecithin and amino acids, which help to make your body burn calories quicker.  You want to make sure you are eating a lot of lean meats, produce, and staying away from high fat diets.  This will help your body lose weight at an effective rate, but will help your body from gaining it back as well.

As you can see, the pollen has been used for a long time for various things, and losing fat is now one to add to the list.  We here love this supplement for all of the great benefits that it has, and we are sure you will love it as well.  If you are having a hard time finding it, check your local health food store.  This is one of the best places to purchase this kind of pollen.

You can also try online, on web stores such as or even  Either way, make sure you are getting enough of this super food into your body if you are trying to slim down and lose weight.  It is effective and defiantly safe to take as well.

Signs And Symptoms Of Heart Attack

Can you tell me, what are the signs of a heart attack in women? No, then let us discuss what are the signs of a heart attack in women.

Researchers are performing the circulation studies to find out the heart attack symptoms in women. Actually there are some conflicts regarding the heart attack symptoms in women. Females commonly face the heart attack symptoms which are given below.

  • shortness of breath
  • sleep disturbances
  • unusual fatigue

These are the major symptoms of heart attack but some more symptoms also accompanied with them. Take a look over it:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Discomfort in lower chest
  • Pressure in upper abdominal and discomfort as there is a problem of indigestion.
  • Pain in the back

The symptoms of heart attack differ in both the sexes. Men have different symptoms of heart attack which can be seen only in men. Most of the people believe that chest pain is major symptom of the heart attack. Even most of the doctor not the bone doctor thinks that chest discomfort is the major symptom of heart attack both in men and in women. From the studies and researches this is considered as the false idea.

It has been found that the heart attacks in women are not diagnosed properly as the symptoms differ from the men. Lack of proper knowledge misguides the common man and also doctors due to which the heart attacks in women are misdiagnosed and the result is complications.

What is the definition of the heart attack? We all are aware with the health problem heart attack but now we are going to learn what we actually mean by heart attack.

When there is a blockage in the coronary artery then heart attack occurs. Coronary artery is the main supplier of the blood to the muscles of the heart. The blood carried by the artery is rich in oxygen. When the oxygen is not supplied to the heart muscles they get injured.

Now the question arises why blockage occurs in the coronary artery in an individual. The main reason of the blockage is the deposition of fat like substances (atherosclerosis). This fat-like substance gets deposited on the wall of the arteries. This is commonly called as plaque.  The quantity of the blood flow is reduced by the blocking of the plaque then the heart muscles do not get fresh blood which has abundant blood supply. In the absence of food and oxygen the heart muscles do not get enough food. If the blood supply to the heart muscles is not restored then the muscles of the heart gets damaged permanently.  The doctors must open the blockage as soon as possible.

Having the knowledge symptoms of a heart attack in women will help in identifying the heart attack and doctors can treat the patient before any unfortunate incidence.

You must find articles related to the heart attack symptoms in women.

Burn 100 Calories

Start with the simple things. Increase your daily exercise if only by burning 100 calories more. Here is a list of things, ordered by time, you can do to burn 100 calories (Prevention’s Guide Weight Loss). If you know some more please e-mail us. If you are quoting a source include the book title and page number or magazine name, volume and issue.

swim a few laps in back, breast or butterfly stroke for 10 minutes
walk uphill for 13 minutes
play tennis for 13 minutes
take an intense aerobics class and keep moving for 16 minutes
use a stair climber for 17 minutes
strength train for 17 minutes
massage your loved one for 20 minutes
ride a stationary bike at a moderate pace for 20 minutes
work in your garden for 20 minutes
rake leaves for 25 minutes
tread water for 26 minutes
bowl for 34 minutes
push your child in a stroller for 40 minutes

Integrating Wind Power Into the Dutch Electricity Grid

Research at TU Delft have determined that wind energy can be readily integrated into the Dutch national electricity grid, provided careful modeling of wind parameters is conducted.

From the research – PhD candidate Bart Ummels also demonstrates that there is no need for energy storage facilities. Ummels will receive his PhD on this topic on Thursday 26 February.

Simulation models
Wind is variable and can only partially be predicted. The large-scale use of wind power in the electricity system is therefore tricky. PhD candidate Bart Ummels MSc. investigated the consequences of using a substantial amount of wind power within the Dutch electricity system. He used simulation models, such as those developed by transmission system operator TenneT, to pinpoint potential problems (and solutions).


It’s not easy, hunting for a restaurant in Lygon Street. In Lygon Street, the restaurants hunt you.

But if you can run the gauntlet without being fed, you come across Lemongrass. A large restaurant at the corner of a block, big plate glass windows revealing an elegant interior, a small discrete doorway.

Inside the staff welcome you. The first question is “Do you have a booking?” A good answer is “Yes”. Other answers are not so good.

Years ago there was a spate of departures and nearly every farewell lunch was at a Thai restaurant. I got so I couldn’t face any more. I don’t like cocoanut and the red and green curries never taste like curry to me. I’m a bit better now; I can put up with Thai cuisine perhaps once a year. But here at Lemongrass, it’s not Thai cuisine, it’s Thai Royal cuisine. And that’s entirely different.

The food is magnificent. All the dishes we had were great, but theTiger’s Tears brought tears to the eyes. They say they make all their sauces and pastes on site from raw ingredients, rather than have them shipped in by the lorry load, and I can believe it; the flavours are entirely different from those of your standard Thai eatery.

The staff are helpful and obliging, there when you need them, unobtrusive when not. The surroundings are interesting and elegant. In short, a delightful night out.

Don’t expect to many of these recommendations. Chances are this is the only one you’ll get.

Yes, where?

174-178 Lygon Street,

Yes, you remember Earth. It’s where we met that funny little man who thought his planet was only 6000 years old because that’s what some bronze age herders thought and everyone since then had got it wrong.

Minimize your monthly expenses

An important aspect of minimalism is not only to reduce your physical belongings but also to reduce your financial burdens. I found the minimalist lifestyle while searching on google for ways to cut down on my expenses. A lightbulb came on. Everything I read about our possessions causing us stress, debt, and unhappiness was spot on for me. That very day I went through my entire apartment and threw away three trash bags of junk and donated 4 bags of clothes. Mind you, I had recently moved from my college town of Lubbock, Texas, where I lived in a 1000 SF home for 4 years and managed to collect anything and everything apparently… thankfully my hatred of moving things ended up helping me along the minimalist path as I threw away at least 2 dumpsters worth of stuff and sold the rest of it in a yard sale the day before I moved…. So now, here I am living in Dallas and working at a job I love, but not making the money I was hoping for and paying an obscene amount for rent down here for my income level. But at least my apartment was on the right path to getting “minimized” in terms of clutter. I felt the weight leave my shoulders after that first day of decluttering. After this first step, there was still the matter of finances and how to implement the minimalist lifestyle so that I could reduce stress there as well. As of November, I am paying on my student loans and my goal is to pay double to triple the minimum amount each month. I like to imagine what my life would be like if I started my minimalist journey without the joy of student loans… just think of that money that could go directly into my savings instead… but hey, shit happens and I’m taking it on as a challenge!

Here are ways to minimize expenses and maximize income.